Grass Grazed

Grass fed. Raised right

Grazing is Our Mission

Ethically Raised

No Additives or Hormones


Don't take our word for it


I love this company. I have been purchasing from them for about three months now and I absolutely will never go back to a grocery store to purchase any chicken or eggs again. The friendly service and family care they gave me was like no other. Most important you can see & taste a difference in their eggs & chicken.

April Ferguson

Grass Grazed is an ethical, family-run, NC-based farm. I’m impressed with their vision for beyond organic farming and the quality of their product. When I buy from Grass Grazed, I know that I am purchasing from trustworthy business owners, who care about their customers.

Ashley King

This family is wonderful!  I received one of their chickens and the quality was far superior from any other chicken I’ve ever had.

Alicia Guadalupe

I've never in my entire life had breakfast sausage that was as good and fresh as the product that you all are producing. The last time I ate breakfast sausage it was from the grocery store and a big box company and it literally made me sick on the stomach, but when I cooked you all's breakfast sausage it felt clean, it smelt good and I could immediately taste the difference

Chris G.

Durham, NC


Absolutely the best customer service and the best products around!

Jordyn Kelly

Raleigh, NC