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Welcome to Grass Grazed Farm. We provide our clean, wholesome meats directly to customers in central North Carolina. Our farm is located in Durham County NC where we raise livestock with high animal welfare and sustainable practices such as rotational grazing and rigorous pasture management. 


Pasture Raised Chicken Heritage Pork Pasture Raised Eggs Grassfed Cattle
Pasture Raised Chicken
Heritage Pork
Pasture Raised Eggs
Grassfed Cattle

We stand by our core values of raising grass-grazed products, free of genetically modified organisms.We are committed to improving soil health through regenerative grazing methods.We remove the mystery behind the meat by providing transparency from farm to table.

The Farm

Grassfed and pasture raised proteins.


Our Story

Our mission is to produce protein with the promise of integrity. We will uphold this promise in our ethical practices and regenerative farming...


The Grass Grazed Way

Our livestock is grass-grazed. This means they are exposed to unlimited green grass and fresh air. This also means that they do not receive...


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There are some things that cannot be captured online. Whether you’re a food enthusiast, a student, or a parent who is interested in knowing more...

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Chickens In The Mail!

My wife, Paige, and I (Derrick), along with our 5 children, are embarking on a farming adventure. Going into this industry was an intentional decision to better both our family and our environment. We hope you come along for the journey!

From the Blog

January 3, 2020
We are entering 2020 with excitement and anticipation for what’s next. Our family has grown in more ways than one. It’s safe to say that we never anticipated our lives going this direction. But here we go!
December 20, 2019
I decided to raise them in their natural habitat, the forest. This is where they feel most at home. I’m also providing shelter for their comfort when desired. Since this is my first time raising pigs...

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