A Chicken Farmers best kept secret...

A Chicken Farmers best kept secret...

You are probably wondering, what type of secrets could a chicken farmer possibly have? Well as a matter of fact there are plenty. But we will save those for another day. Today we're going to give you the scoop on a gem called the stew hen.

How to Cook a Stew Hen

Stew hens are typically laying hens that have outlived their prime. They are more mature, and their meat could be tougher but more flavorsome. This type of chicken tastes best in stews and soups, where it has time to soften during the long, moist cooking process to release nutrients such as omega-3.

The stew hen has a lot of connective tissue and is very lean. As a result, they require a slow cooking process to become tender. So, the best way to prepare a stewing hen is in your slow cooker or crockpot.

Tips for Preparing a Stew Hen:

Chicken stew recipes are typically flexible, allowing you to combine your favorite vegetables with tender chunks of chicken to create a delicious stew.

As stew hen is so versatile, you may experiment to develop your preferences for consistency and flavor. Here are some pointers on how to make a thick and flavorful hen stew:

  • Reduce the base of your stew: You can make a chunky chicken stew by temporarily removing the meat and substantial veggies from the pot and allowing the base to simmer uncovered to allow excess liquid to evaporate. Return the components to the pot once you're satisfied with the amount of liquid remaining.
  • For a rich chicken flavor, use flour: Cooking your chicken in lard before braising it can enhance the taste of your stew hen. In addition, if you would like to thicken your stew, use arrowroot powder or cassava flour.  A flour-cooked stew typically reheats and freezes easily. 
  • Use potatoes for bulk: Potatoes are a common additive in stews and soups because they enhance the flavor of proteins and boost the chunkiness factor of a stew. Try any potatoes you want. Sweet potatoes will add a nice sweet taste to your hen stew, and if you cook sweet potatoes down intentionally, they will thicken it up even more.
  • For a thick stew, add organic cornstarch: To thicken your stew without altering the flavor, combine cornstarch with some water or broth and stir it in.

Why Opt For A Stew Hen?

Bringing a stew hen home and working with it is completely worthwhile! Here are some of the reasons why:

  • You honor the entire life cycle of this animal, which has worked tirelessly to produce eggs for us to indulge in. So it is a beneficial move they are available in the market to acknowledge them by utilizing them completely and not wasting anything.
  • As the name suggests, they make the most phenomenal, flavored broth that may be used in soups and stews.
  • They are budget-friendly, and you can enjoy a cost-effective meal by cooking a stewing hen.
  • The broth from your stew can be added to enrich other dishes that require it, and the delectable tender meat can be relished in various dishes.

Enjoy Stew Hen With Grass Grazed:

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