Soul Good.

 As #regenerative farmers we believe in focusing on soil heath because the soil is what feeds us. @grassgrazed is soul food in the truest sense - it good for your soul in all the best ways. We call it “Soul Good” ( 😆 Ha, The pun is definitely intended). It may seem like we have taken a step back since we follow “old school” methods... but, really, we see this as a great way to secure environmental #sustainability for our kids and their kids and on down the line. We are still in the process of refining our systems. I don’t want you to think we have it all figured out… 🤚🏾we do not.
We are working on finding the balance of gardening, composting, and navigating climate change, as well as nurturing our livestock within these boundaries.
To take things a step further, this year we are #homeschooling. What better place for our kids to engage with the world around them and to learn to think critically...than on a farm?

As crazy as it seems we are doing all of THIS for a reason.

As parents we are giving our kids something we didn’t have in hopes to shape their worldview. I believe the more we understand about the world around us, the better we will be in our stewardship of that world.


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