Take over with @HomesteadMamas

Take over with @HomesteadMamas

🎵This is story all about how my life got twist turned upside down.🎶😆

My introduction into farming has been more of a crash course. After 13 years in the military, our family decided to go into farming full time.

My husband served in USASOC - special operations. If you’ve ever seen a 🎖military themed movie, these are the guys who go on super secret missions, jump out of ✈️planes, bust down 🚪doors, taking down names and the bad guys. You know, the cool job. Well for him...

But not so cool for our family. He would travel every month for weeks at a time. On top of that he would deploy every 6 months. Sooo... yeah. It was rough on ya girl. 😕

At this time we had 4 kids and another one one the way... 😩... deployment babies are a thing y’all. I never wanted to ask him to let go of his dream job, but after so long, he and I both knew we had to make a change. We started to look into next steps outside of the military. The opportunity to farm opened up and it just made sense, both professionally and for our family!

Navigating this life with my kids has been nothing short of an adventure! Shout out to Amy @bluewhistlerfarm — for being my first #homesteadmamafriend. Fun fact: our family is now residing at her old homestead as @grassgrazed.

The Challenge 

When I was a kid my nickname was “Mama.”😂People would often comment on how I would be the one to have a big family and follow in my Mom’s footsteps. I am one of 14. (Yes ,14 children... we drove a ⛪️ church van 🚐)

Well, in hindsight, I guess they were on to something.

I never knew I would have 5 kids, let alone 1000’s of animals under my care! But here I am, doing the thang. 😅

We have been living at our #homesteadfor less than a year now and time is flying.

When I told my parents we were going into farming full time, they were surprised, but also proud to see someone take up farming again.

Being a #homesteadmama takes things up a notch. It’s like motherhood to the 10th degree.🤪 My kids are now involved in every aspect of my day: chores, cooking, cleaning, as well as the business of farming.

Stay tuned for the next post. I will cover tips and tricks on managing all the things. 

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