The Pigs

The Pigs

I decided to raise them in their natural habitat, the forest. This is where they feel most at home. I’m also providing shelter for their comfort when desired. Since this is my first time raising pigs, I went with the Berkshire Duroc Crossbreed. They can be a little skittish at first, in terms of temperament. Chasing a pig for a few hours will teach you a lot about them. Overall, this is a hardy pig that can adapt quite well to weather ups and downs. The pigs have the freedom to root around the large paddocks as well as run and play.

It’s currently apple season, and we have taken full advantage. Thankfully, I’ve received several donations from local producers who have a surplus of fruit. Apples are great for the pigs’ gut and immune systems. Also, I occasionally mix the feed with skim milk and they really love it! Who knew pigs loved milk? The bulk of our pigs’ diet is a non-gmo complete feed mix made with non-gmo soy protein. In addition to the feed, they intake a trail mix with vitamins and minerals.

As of now, there are 10 pigs.

We plan to process in May.

Our family will keep one for personal consumption.

One pig will be donated to help families in need. (Did you know 1 pig can feed 100 people??!!!)

The remaining 8 are free market!

If you are interested in purchasing, let me know.

Derrick J.

Your Farmer

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