Meat Shares & Cuts

Save money without compromising quality

Beef shares provide a delicious variety of naturally-raised, flavorful beef cuts to stock your freezer so you always have excellent meat options on hand. Whether it’s for a quick weeknight dinner or fine dining and entertaining at home, you won’t have to worry about sourcing that perfect cut of meat or wonder about the quality of meat you are feeding your family and friends. 

Each share includes a variety of premium steaks, delicious roasts, ground beef and more. Refer to the Example Beef Cuts below to get an idea of what cuts you'll find in your beef share!


We raise heritage, old-timey breeds of pigs, which grow slower but are known for superior flavor. You’ll find our pigs outdoors on pasture or in the woods rooting and wallowing, as pigs love to do. Of course, we never use artificial growth promoters such as raptopamine, hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics. Our pastured pork is just good clean meat!

Each pork share comes with a large variety of cuts including chops, roasts, no-nitrate bacon and plenty of sausage in your choice of flavors. Refer to the Example Pork Cuts sheet below to find out what's included in each pork share. 

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