Our livestock is Grass Grazed and Family Raised!

Welcome to Grass Grazed! We are a pasture based farm based in North Carolina. We uphold ethical practice and stand by our core values of raising grass-grazed products, free of genetically modified organisms. We are committed to improving soil health through regenerative grazing methods. We remove the mystery behind the meat by providing transparency from farm to table.

Cornish Cross Hens

It all started with chickens in the mail and we’ve kept it going. Our Grass Grazed poultry is raised on pasture from week 3 to harvest. They spend 24 hours of the day on grass. This means they have the freedom to roam scratch, peck, dig for bugs… you know like chickens. They are raised on a NON GMO diet.

Cornish Cross is a great breed for meat chickens. These birds are incredible foragers! They grow at a healthy yet rapid rate. The Cornish Cross is over all a quality bird and is incredibly delish.

Berkshire Duroc Cross Pigs

We may be new to the pork game but can guarantee the Grass Grazed mission to produce superior protein using ethical practices. Our outdoor reared pork is sourced by locally breeders and raised by yours truly.

Berkshire Duroc Cross is a hearty breed that enjoys foraging in its natural environment, the forest. The bulk of pigs diet is a non gmo complete feed mix made with non gmo protein. In addition to the feed they intake a trail mix with Vitamins and minerals.

Our pigs are moved every 7-10 days with access 1/4 an acer paddocks to ensure optimal development. This in turn allows the pork to develop a dark rich color with an excellent coverage of fat.

The porks natural layer of fat yields an amazing flavor and crackling that will make your mouth water. Our pork is butchered into a variety of cuts like chops, shoulders, and sausages which are vacuumed packed locally.

Pasture Raised Eggs

Our Grass Grazed chickens are raised on pasture with over an acre of square footage.

They are able to forage and roam as they please. We offer a NON gmo feed to supplement their daily diet of bugs and grass. This in turn yields eggs with a higher nutritional profile. Our eggs have…

  • More Omega-3, 
  • More nutrients like Vitamin A, lutein,
  • An increase in vitamin E, and beta-caroteneYou can see and taste the difference. We have over 5 different breeds of layers in our flock. Eggs are gathered daily.

100% Grassfed Cattle

Our cattle are managed to meet or exceed American Grassfed Association standards. Growing calves only get mama’s milk and then pasture or hay consisting of grasses, clover, and all manner of leafy greens. They are never given hormone growth promoters or low dose antibiotics. Grassfed cattle grow at a natural rate and, therefore, take longer to raise, but the results are unparalleled, high quality and nutritious beef.