Our Story

In 2019, Derrick made the decision to leave the Army after 13 years of being enlisted. He and his wife, Paige, along with their 4 children, decided to embark on a farming adventure. Going into this industry was an intentional decision to better both our family and our environment. . . together. . . with no TDYs or deployments. 

The more we researched, the more we became concerned with where our food was coming from and the effect it was having on our physical health.  We came to the conclusion that we could pay for our health now or pay for it later. We chose now. As Paige gave birth to their 5th child, Derrick gave birth to Grass Grazed Farm.

We decided to raise livestock with the things they need, and without the things they don’t.  That means our livestock is regeneratively grazed, as well as GMO-, antibiotic-, and chemical-free. It is raised in its natural habitat on pasture and forestry. We process our meat at USDA-approved facilities that meet NCDA Standards.

Our mission is to produce protein with the promise of integrity. We will uphold this promise with ethical practices and regenerative farming methods. We care about having a connection to our food. Our understanding of where it’s coming from is now our livelihood.

Consider #grassgrazed an extension of our family, to yours.Grass Grazed, Family Raised.